Statistics EIHL 2005-2006

Year: Stage: Position:
# Player name Pos Team GP G A P PIM +/-
1.Jonathan WeaverD/FNewcastle Vipers867136
2.Theoren FleuryRWBelfast Giants71121334
3.Martin MasaFSheffield Steelers856118
4.Mark DutiaumeLWSheffield Steelers856118
5.Rejean StringerFCardiff Devils738110
6.Adam CalderLWCoventry Blaze66392
7.Kent Andrew SimpsonLWSheffield Steelers645912
8.Jeff HutchinsFCoventry Blaze627922
9.Curtis HuppeRWBelfast Giants76288
10.Mike PeronCSheffield Steelers853810
11.Dan WelchFCoventry Blaze626816
12.Ron ShudraDSheffield Steelers81786
13.Louis GouletCCardiff Devils75272
14.Matus PetrickoFNewcastle Vipers63474
15.Cory MorganRWNewcastle Vipers53478
16.Brandin CoteCNottingham Panthers625712
17.Pavol MihalikDCoventry Blaze61678
18.Rod SarichDSheffield Steelers80772
19.Nathan RempelRWCardiff Devils84266
20.Shawn SkieharFBelfast Giants74266
21.Joe CardarelliLWNottingham Panthers63364
22.Douglas SheppardRWBasingstoke Bison63364
23.Evan CheverieFCoventry Blaze63364
24.David LongstaffFNewcastle Vipers72466
25.Dan CemanCNottingham Panthers624612
26.Shaun SutterRWNottingham Panthers62468
27.Colin ShieldsCBelfast Giants71566
28.Jeff SebastianLDNottingham Panthers61566
29.Curtis BowenLWNottingham Panthers61566
30.Leigh JamiesonFBelfast Giants73258
31.Shawn MaltbyCBasingstoke Bison632527
32.Matthew MyersCNottingham Panthers632512
33.Mark ThomasDSheffield Steelers82356
34.Mike SandbeckCEdinburgh Capitals62356
35.Matthew BeveridgeFNewcastle Vipers81450
36.Neil McCannDEdinburgh Capitals61456
37.Mike GarrowDCardiff Devils70554
38.Paul FeroneLWNewcastle Vipers822410
39.Andre PayetteLWNewcastle Vipers822428
40.Ed CourtenayFBelfast Giants72244
41.Dion DarlingDNottingham Panthers62248
42.Blaz EmersicFNottingham Panthers62244
43.Jeff MarshallDEdinburgh Capitals62242
44.Tony HandFEdinburgh Capitals42240
45.Pavel GomenyukDNewcastle Vipers813412
46.Vezio SacratiniCCardiff Devils71344
47.Barrie MooreLWCoventry Blaze61348
48.Greg ChambersRWBasingstoke Bison60442
49.Ashley TaitRWCoventry Blaze63034
50.Paul SampleFSheffield Steelers82136
51.Jason BowenLWBelfast Giants721310
52.Gerad AdamsDCardiff Devils721324
53.Neil Stevenson-MooreFEdinburgh Capitals62130
54.Joel PoirierFCoventry Blaze62138
55.Shaun JohnsonFNewcastle Vipers81232
56.Russell CowleyD/FCoventry Blaze61232
57.Paul MoranRWNottingham Panthers612314
58.Rob WilsonRDNewcastle Vipers803324
59.Jonathan PhillipsFCardiff Devils70338
60.Marc LeversFBelfast Giants703325
61.Neal MartinDCoventry Blaze60332
62.Jeff BurgoyneDCardiff Devils72028
63.Jan KrajicekDNewcastle Vipers520210
64.Michael TaskerFNewcastle Vipers811212
65.Brad VothRWCardiff Devils611264
66.Tom WatkinsFCoventry Blaze61126
67.Martin CingelFEdinburgh Capitals61126
68.Edijs BrahmanisFBasingstoke Bison611210
69.Phil HillRWCardiff Devils61128
70.Dainius BaubaLWEdinburgh Capitals51126
71.George AwadaRWBelfast Giants41122
72.Mark RichardsonDCardiff Devils70220
73.Calle CarlssonDNottingham Panthers50220
74.Simon LeachFNewcastle Vipers810112
75.Jeremy CornishFNewcastle Vipers810124
76.Neil FrancisFCardiff Devils71010
77.Greg OwenRWBasingstoke Bison61010
78.Michael KeismanCEdinburgh Capitals610112
79.Jerry GalwayDBasingstoke Bison61014
80.David ClarkeFNottingham Panthers21010
81.Jonas LennartssonDSheffield Steelers80114
82.Warren TaitFSheffield Steelers80114
83.Jason RobinsonDSheffield Steelers801112
84.Stefan SjögrenDSheffield Steelers70110
85.Todd KelmanDBelfast Giants701110
86.Shane JohnsonDBelfast Giants70116
87.Rob StewartLDBelfast Giants701110
88.Brett LarsonDBasingstoke Bison601110
89.John WheatonRWBasingstoke Bison60112
90.James PeaseDCoventry Blaze60114
91.Richard WojciakFNottingham Panthers60114
92.Phil MannyFCardiff Devils60110
93.Brad PattersonCNottingham Panthers50114
94.Tony RedmondFBasingstoke Bison40112
95.Peter KonderFEdinburgh Capitals40112
96.Fredrik OduyaDEdinburgh Capitals301129
97.Jason HewittFSheffield Steelers80008
98.Gavin FarrandFSheffield Steelers80004
99.Simon ButterworthFSheffield Steelers80000
100.Kirk DeWaeleDCardiff Devils700016
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