Statistics Dutch Cup 1997-1998

Year: Stage: Position:
# Player name Pos Team GP G A P PIM +/-
1.Sami WikströmLWPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen131722396
2.Brad ShaverCCVT Trappers Tilburg1317193628
3.Jens HemströmFCVT Trappers Tilburg131222344
4.Pär PerssonFCVT Trappers Tilburg131716334
5.Chris EimersRWPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen131119308
6.Jouni WestermanDPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen1313142712
7.Frank VersteegCMBB Builders Utrecht10617236
8.Theo KrügerLWVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen128142214
9.Juha KuusisaariDPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen13416206
10.John VersteegFMBB Builders Utrecht111451931
11.Brian De LeeuwFPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen13117184
12.Alexander SchaafsmaD/FPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen123151829
13.Tero LaukkalaFPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen114131712
14.Jason McKechnieDVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen12971636
15.Daniel GranqvistDCVT Trappers Tilburg126101618
16.Mikael NilssonFCVT Trappers Tilburg135111614
17.Jacco LandmanRDPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen1378156
18.Henry De KortFCVT Trappers Tilburg1169154
19.Johan KorenFMBB Builders Utrecht93111416
20.Benoit QuesnelFChip Market IJCK Eindhoven12671331
21.Tim VosDCVT Trappers Tilburg1358136
22.Mark von RanzowFCVT Trappers Tilburg1357124
23.Mike BrewerDMBB Builders Utrecht10210126
24.Jordy GeesinkFVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen12741122
25.Walling DijkstraFPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen1156112
26.Remco TuytFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag9471126
27.Elmer KuikFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag1255100
28.Tommie SpeelCVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen955104
29.Marco DondersFCVT Trappers Tilburg13371032
30.Patrick van EijkFCVT Trappers Tilburg1172918
31.Frank JanssenRWVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen124596
32.Marcel GeenenFMBB Builders Utrecht1236918
33.Olli MitroFHollywood Phantoms Deurne1136920
34.Erik LandmanCPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen1353858
35.Jason KerrDChip Market IJCK Eindhoven1253826
36.Marko LahtiFMBB Builders Utrecht85382
37.Radim HauptFCVT Trappers Tilburg85382
38.Stefan Collard???MBB Builders Utrecht1144816
39.Edwin NeefFPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen133586
40.Robert MantropFMBB Builders Utrecht1235814
41.Tino RisonFCVT Trappers Tilburg1143716
42.Steve KruizeFVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen943735
43.Paul Reidy???Chip Market IJCK Eindhoven1225710
44.Klaas BraaksmaFPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen106068
45.Bob MorisFHollywood Phantoms Deurne124266
46.Lester ArtsDPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen114262
47.Perry Muller von CzernickiRDChip Market IJCK Eindhoven1133614
48.Michel TuytFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag933616
49.Ilkka AurolaDHollywood Phantoms Deurne1224616
50.Gert NijlandDPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen131562
51.Daniel IffkaRWVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen42350
52.Ray GallagherDVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen814520
53.Hes RoelofsRWChip Market IJCK Eindhoven1231410
54.Dennis ten BokkelFCVT Trappers Tilburg1131412
55.Daniel HjorteliusFHollywood Phantoms Deurne1031410
56.Yuri Mikhailis???Hollywood Phantoms Deurne631410
57.Robert VrbaDVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen1222410
58.Simon de WitRWChip Market IJCK Eindhoven1222416
59.David BouckaertDCVT Trappers Tilburg1122410
60.Chris PoetirayFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag102244
61.Kent Inge KristiansenDMBB Builders Utrecht922418
62.Juan IzquierdoRWHollywood Phantoms Deurne121348
63.Edgars RozentālsDHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag1113412
64.Kristoff van den BroeckD/FPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen1113434
65.Marc VisschersD/FVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen111346
66.Nigel van AcquooyD/FMBB Builders Utrecht813429
67.Andrei Manchenko???Hollywood Phantoms Deurne61342
68.Risto MollenFVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen70440
69.Jeffrey FrankenFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag83036
70.Mats NilssonDMBB Builders Utrecht23030
71.Hans KroonFPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen132132
72.Tom KokkeFVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen112136
73.Jeroen AdmiraalFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag1121332
74.René KronenburgDHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag112136
75.Paul KilaCHollywood Phantoms Deurne821350
76.Danny ThieDMBB Builders Utrecht621333
77.Jesse RaekelboomFHollywood Phantoms Deurne52132
78.Maarten LoosFVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen121232
79.Koen HermansD/FVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen1212310
80.Misha BerkhouwerFMBB Builders Utrecht111234
81.Dennis FredriksFChip Market IJCK Eindhoven812326
82.Rody JacobsDCVT Trappers Tilburg1303326
83.Frank JacobsDCVT Trappers Tilburg1303314
84.Manitas DemelinneLWHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag100334
85.Buck RomboutsLDHollywood Phantoms Deurne122028
86.Lars BakkerFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag1220220
87.André WillemseDMBB Builders Utrecht1020214
88.Aldo van den AkerLWHollywood Phantoms Deurne42024
89.Alain ScheltjensFHollywood Phantoms Deurne121124
90.Robert van YperenD/FHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag1111214
91.Sjef SzarzynskiRWChip Market IJCK Eindhoven1011214
92.Adriaan SchoutenFHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag81124
93.Joris PeusensFHollywood Phantoms Deurne1202212
94.Ward SzarzynskiFChip Market IJCK Eindhoven1202216
95.Mikko KurkelaDHollywood Phantoms Deurne1202232
96.Kees SlagmolenDMBB Builders Utrecht120224
97.Dolf MookD/FHIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag1202210
98.Ronald SpijkersDPelgrim Flyers Heerenveen110226
99.Rick McDonald???HIJS Hoky Wolves Den Haag902234
100.Henri StoerFVan Heumen Tigers Nijmegen80224
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