Statistics IHL 1993-1994

Year: Stage: Position:
# Player name Pos Team GP G A P PIM +/-
1.Steve LaroucheCAtlanta Knights (1992-96)1416102616
2.Stan DruliaRWAtlanta Knights (1992-96)141312258
3.John PurvesRWFort Wayne Komets1810142412
4.Jason RuffLWAtlanta Knights (1992-96)14617234116
5.Len BarrieCCincinnati Cyclones118132160
6.Bill McDougallRWAtlanta Knights (1992-96)141271930
7.Lee DavidsonCFort Wayne Komets174121610
8.Dan LambertLDFort Wayne Komets183121520
9.Jarrod SkaldeCSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)931215101
10.Mitch MessierRWFort Wayne Komets14861414
11.Vladimir TsyplakovLWFort Wayne Komets146814164
12.Lonnie LoachLWSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)9410146
13.Patrick LebeauLWCincinnati Cyclones11481214
14.Stéphane RicherLDCincinnati Cyclones11291126
15.Scott ArnielLWSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)763924
16.Ian BoyceLWFort Wayne Komets183692
17.Paul LawlessLWCincinnati Cyclones114484
18.Dave SmithCFort Wayne Komets1826868
19.Gordon HynesLDCincinnati Cyclones1126824
20.Guy DupuisRDFort Wayne Komets1717828
21.Patrice LefebvreLWLas Vegas Thunder53474
22.Gino CavalliniLWMilwaukee Admirals43476
23.Devin EdgertonCAtlanta Knights (1992-96)131674
24.Eric DuboisDAtlanta Knights (1992-96)1407748
25.Ken QuinneyRWLas Vegas Thunder53362
26.Daniel GauthierCCincinnati Cyclones1023514
27.Eric CharronDAtlanta Knights (1992-96)1414528
28.Shawn RiversDAtlanta Knights (1992-96)1214521
29.Todd RichardsDLas Vegas Thunder514518
30.Jaroslav NedvedRDCincinnati Cyclones1113420
31.Chris ArmstrongDCincinnati Cyclones1013424
32.Ian LaperriereCPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)513422
33.Kevin GrantLDMilwaukee Admirals404420
34.Peter LavioletteDSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)93036
35.Jason HerterLDKalamazoo Wings530314
36.Dale Edward DegrayDSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)92138
37.Ken PriestlayCKalamazoo Wings52132-3
38.Robert JoyceLWLas Vegas Thunder52138
39.John ByceFMilwaukee Admirals32130-1
40.Cory CrossDAtlanta Knights (1992-96)9123142
41.Radek BonkCLas Vegas Thunder512310
42.Sylvain CouturierFMilwaukee Admirals41232
43.Mike KennedyCKalamazoo Wings31232
44.Pat MacLeodRDMilwaukee Admirals31230
45.Tony HrkacCPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)11230
46.Grant RichisonDFort Wayne Komets17033289
47.Terry HollingerDPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)603331
48.Jean-Marc RichardLDLas Vegas Thunder50330
49.Patrice TardifCPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)420241
50.Jason MarshallDPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)32022-5
51.Brent GretzkyCAtlanta Knights (1992-96)141122
52.Chris LiPumaDAtlanta Knights (1992-96)1111228
53.Marc HabscheidFLas Vegas Thunder511215
54.Travis RichardsDKalamazoo Wings41120
55.John AndersonRWSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)41128
56.Jergus BacaLDMilwaukee Admirals31124
57.Aleksandr GalchenyukCMilwaukee Admirals31120
58.Maxim BetsLWSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)90220
59.Daniel LaperriereDPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)60222
60.Chris TancillCKalamazoo Wings50228
61.Marc RodgersRWLas Vegas Thunder402217
62.Dave TretowiczDFort Wayne Komets161014
63.Christian CampeauRWAtlanta Knights (1992-96)141012
64.Jamie LeachRWCincinnati Cyclones111014-2
65.Dominic LavoieRDSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)810120
66.Brad LauerLWLas Vegas Thunder41012
67.Kevin MiehmCPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)41010
68.Trevor SimCMilwaukee Admirals41010
69.Clark DonatelliCSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)901123-7
70.Dallas EakinsDCincinnati Cyclones801141
71.Rick HaywardRDCincinnati Cyclones801199
72.Martin HamrlikDPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)60112
73.Mike McNeillLWMilwaukee Admirals40116
74.Vitali KaramnovLWPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)10110
75.Shawn HeaphyFLas Vegas Thunder50006
76.Brian PellerinRWPeoria Rivermen (2005-2013)500016-2
77.Mark OsieckiDKalamazoo Wings50005
78.Robert-Douglas RobinsonRDKalamazoo Wings50002
79.Glenn MulvennaCKalamazoo Wings40000
80.Cal McGowanCKalamazoo Wings40002
81.Steve GotaasCLas Vegas Thunder400028
82.Fabian JosephCMilwaukee Admirals40000
83.Joel SavageRWKalamazoo Wings20004
84.Paul JerrardDMilwaukee Admirals20008
85.Craig BonnerDKalamazoo Wings10000
86.Brett HauerDLas Vegas Thunder10000
87.Brad BerryDKalamazoo Wings10000
88.Mike ManelukLWSan Diego Gulls (1990-2006)10000
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