Slovenian hockey federation was founded in 1991 and became a member of the IIHF on May 6th 1992. Even before that Slovenia played a few friendly games vs. Austria and Holland. After being promoted from pool C in 1997 Slovenia advanced to the elite for the first time in 2001. Slovenia is the smallest country and also has the least registered players of all the countries that ever played in the elite.

Most inportant arenas:

Hala Tivoli Ljubljana

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20 Feb 2021HK MK Bled - HK Triglav Kranj (IHL - International Hockey League)0-6
20 Feb 2021HK Celje - HD Mladi Jesenice (IHL - International Hockey League)1-6
18 Feb 2021HD Mladi Jesenice - HK Celje (IHL - International Hockey League)6-1
18 Feb 2021HK Triglav Kranj - HK MK Bled (IHL - International Hockey League)3-2 OT
13 Feb 2021HK Triglav Kranj - HK Celje (IHL - International Hockey League)3-0
13 Feb 2021HK Slavija Junior - HK MK Bled (IHL - International Hockey League)6-3
11 Feb 2021HK Celje - HK Slavija Junior (IHL - International Hockey League)1-6
11 Feb 2021HD Mladi Jesenice - HK Triglav Kranj (IHL - International Hockey League)4-3 SO
07 Feb 2021EC Villacher SV - HC TWK Innsbruck (ICE Hockey League)3-6
07 Feb 2021Black Wings Linz - HC Bolzano (ICE Hockey League)3-2
07 Feb 2021Red Bull Salzburg - EC Graz99ers (ICE Hockey League)4-3 OT
07 Feb 2021Dornbirner EC - Bratislava Capitals (ICE Hockey League)6-5 OT
07 Feb 2021KAC Klagenfurt - Fehervar AV19 (ICE Hockey League)2-1 OT
06 Feb 2021HK Slavija Junior - HK Triglav Kranj (IHL - International Hockey League)4-6
06 Feb 2021HD Mladi Jesenice - HK MK Bled (IHL - International Hockey League)4-5
Fast facts
  • Number of teams in our database: 24
  • Registered players: 943
  • Number of arenas in our database: 9
  • Year ice hockey association was founded in: 1991

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