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13 Oct 2019Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv - Donbass Donets’k (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)0-7
13 Oct 2019MHC Dynamo Kharkiv - Bilyỹ Bars Bila Tserkva (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)0-4
10 Oct 2019Bilyỹ Bars Bila Tserkva - Dnipro Kherson (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)2-3 SO
09 Oct 2019MHC Dynamo Kharkiv - Donbass Donets’k (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)0-13
09 Oct 2019Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv - HC Kremenchuk (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)0-11
06 Oct 2019Donbass Donets’k - Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)4-1
02 Oct 2019MHC Dynamo Kharkiv - Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)3-4 OT
02 Oct 2019Dnipro Kherson - Donbass Donets’k (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)5-0
29 Sep 2019Bilyỹ Bars Bila Tserkva - Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)2-1
28 Sep 2019Donbass Donets’k - HC Kremenchuk (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)2-3
28 Sep 2019Dnipro Kherson - MHC Dynamo Kharkiv (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)16-1
26 Sep 2019MHC Dynamo Kharkiv - HC Kremenchuk (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)0-7
25 Sep 2019Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv - Dnipro Kherson (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)2-4
23 Sep 2019Donbass Donets’k - MHC Dynamo Kharkiv (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)9-0
22 Sep 2019HC Kremenchuk - Kryzhani Vovky Kyiv (UHL - Ukrainian Hockey League)11-1
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  • Registered players: 4500
  • Number of arenas in our database: 33

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